Lecours Lumber Co. Limited is committed to the health and safety of its employees and to conduct its operations in a safe and healthy manner.


In support of this, Lecours Lumber Co. Limited will:


1.         comply with all pertinent health and safety standards and regulations. 

2.         take all reasonable and necessary measures to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work     environment for all employees;

3.         provide all necessary and required safety equipment, training and instructions;

4.         encourage the participation of all employees in the enhancement of effective health and safety  practices on the work sites;

5.         identify, investigate and respond to all health and safety matters in a prompt and professional manner with the assistance of safety professionals where necessary.

Lecours Lumber Co. Limited expects that each of its employees will make safety a top priority on the job.  All employees and supervisory staff are expected to conduct themselves and work in a safe manner and in compliance with all applicable safety legislation. Employees are expected to report potentially dangerous or hazardous working conditions to their supervisor.  Any employee who believes that his or her supervisor has not acted to eliminate a reported hazard or who has been unresponsive to identify health and safety concerns may raise such concerns with the Human Resources Coordinator.


Our employees share in this responsibility and are accountable for the successful implementation of this policy.  

Benoit Lecours, President       

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